Cyclamen Indoors (Mixed Colours) Large 13cm pot

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Compact plants available in a wide range of colours from white through pinks and purple to red. Some colours are flame-edged with white. The leaves are often marbled with silver.

They start flowering in summer and will keep going into the new year and beyond. After flowering they can be planted in a sheltered spot in the garden where they will establish and flower again in future years.

This variety should be grow nindoors either in their pots or replanted into indoor arrangements. For other areas we recommend the miniature cyclamen (9cm pots) which are our toughest cyclamen.

An excellent gift item. We stock a range of pot covers and gift bags which will make your cyclamen into an excellent gift for Christmas or other event.

Plant Care

These are tough plants but can rot if allowed to get too wet. We recommend watering fro underneath (e.g. in a saucer) or around the crown of the plant, rather than over the top.

When planting ensure the crown (base) of the plant is NOT covered with compost, moss or other material which holds moisture. The top of the corm (the round bulb-like ball at the base of the stem) needs to be exposed.