About Us

Founded in 1984, St Margaret's Nursery has gone from strength to strength over the decades... Originally a Fuchsia Nursery, we are famous across the country for the wide range of fuchsias that we hold and propagate and they still form a massive part of what we do. As we have changed, grown and diversified, we have also developed what we sell.

Hanging baskets soon also became a speciality, alongside cost-effective bedding plants and crops of fresh produce too. Our main office was once a tomato sorting room! As we have continued to grow we increased our propagation of plug plants, growing hundreds of thousands of plants every season.

We have branched out to a massive selection of dry goods also over the year, with changing styles and new trends alike. We stock ceramic ware from hand crafted pottery kilns, alongside state of the art recycled environmentally friendly eco-pots, combining new and old, equally running traditional basket making alongside modern growing methods...

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products alongside the rapport that we have with our customers. We are always on hand with advice, we cherish creating bespoke planters for our customers and are unique in the area in allowing customers a chance to see us engaged in plant care on the shop floor, watch us make baskets in front of them and allow an insight into not only what we have for sale, but how it is grown too.

We are St Margaret's and thank you for visiting us... We would be delighted to welcome you to the Nursery!