Meet the Team...

We are a small, family run Business, built on the foundation of excellent products, attention to detail and a great relationship with our customers...

Meet the Team here and do say hello when you visit us!

Pat (Owner/Partner)

Pat and her late husband, Len, began the Nursery in the 1980s, much to Pat's shock when she discovered her husband had purchased the Nursery site! Pat is an expert in all things fuchsia related and has a wealth of knowledge on the longest standing plants in the Nursery. She is also a true expert in tomatoes, cucumber and bean growing, having been a produce grower in the earlier years of the Nursery too.

Mike (Owner/Partner)

Mike has worked at the Nursery with his Mother (Pat) and late Father (Len) since the beginning. With a background in computing and electronics, he is the technological whizz behind the entire Nursery and created this very web-store, contributing to the Nursery's survival during the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020. He is an expert in making things work, whether ordering, scanning or ensuring that thousands of plant pots turn up, seconds before the Spring plugs arrive!

Kev (Manager)

Kev joined the team from a background in teaching and management. He is meticulously organised and regularly advises customers on products across the Nursery. If it exists somewhere on our site, Kev probably knows where it is, or when we are likely to get it! He is an expert in Summer bedding plants, dry-goods and retail & marketing. If it happens on our Social Media accounts, is sent via email, or a leaflet handed to you at the till, it was probably written by him...

Charlotte F (Perennials & Planters Expert)

With a background from the Prison service, Charlotte is an expert in maintaining order and structure in our expanding perennials section! As we expand massively in this area, Charlotte is constantly researching new plants and often turns up to work with something unique and interesting to broaden our stock... She is also an expert in creating planters and hanging baskets, often with unique combinations incorporating perennials into these also. If you have a shrub or perennial plant in need of care, Charlotte will be able to help!

Matt (Retail Supervisor & Houseplants)

Matt joined the team from the John Lewis partnership, working closely with their retail teams and outdoor departments. He is a keen enthusiast in all things houseplant related, owning what can only be described as an Alladin's cave of houseplants, experimental propagation and indoor planters. Matt has an eye for retail displays and contributes to the many interesting and diverse customer facing areas of the Nursery, as well as customer interaction. If it's shiny & new, Matt has probably found a space to display it!

Nicky (Basket & Workshops Specialist)

Nicky has worked at the Nursery since she was a kid, originally helping out with watering! There isn't much that Nicky hasn't seen or dealt with and she is a font of all knowledge for the past workings of the Nursery and plant care, particularly Summer bedding and patio plants. She is a master-basket maker, planting stunning hanging baskets and patio tubs in the blink of an eye! If you are in need of advice in producing a stunning bedding display ask no further than Nicky's experiences...

Jasmin (Plant Care Supervisor, Photography & Online)

Jasmin is a true all rounder and can often be found armed with a camera stalking the new additions to the Nursery shelves. She is responsible for the excellent high quality professional images used on our web-store and is actually an artist in her spare time. The team benefit from her careful attention to detail, diligence in dealing with online stock and if you've organised a delivery - it could well be Jasmin bringing your plants to the door too, as she is part of our deliveries team...

Jo (Baskets & Plant Care)

Jo is calm and attentive, excellent with customer care and liaison and with a keen eye for basket making too. Often found creating bespoke planters, she is regularly called to tills as part of our gift wrapping service, where she is a dab-hand with the cellophane where others might panic. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Jo and as a company we pride ourselves upon our interaction with customers. Jo epitomises this, regularly spending time working with clients and advising customers on plant choices and helping them to locate exactly what they need...

Lorraine (Perennials & Plant Care)

With a background from the Royal Navy and policing, Lorraine is an asset in ascertaining where stock is, ensuring new items are readily available and keeping an eye on our expanding perennials department. Lorraine is an expert in herbaceous and annual gardening, with plant care one of her specialisms. Large planting projects such as the front borders, presenting outside perennial stock and maintenance of our year-by-year herbaceous perennials are conducted by her - if you have a question on such things, she is always available to help - when she isn't driving the forklift that is!

Charlotte S (Plant Care & Sales)

Charlotte has worked with the weekend team at the Nursery for some time now, rising through the ranks and proving to be a diligent member of the team. She regularly oversees annual planting and planters, providing affordable solutions to the planter range. She is also an expert at Front-of-House and can often be found assisting customers with their purchases, or assisting colleagues on the tills, where her calm "can-do" attitude is appreciated by all.

Kaitlin (Plant Care)

Kaitlin is an astute member of the team often responsible for large scale bedding plug-planting into packs and pots, where consistency and an eye for detail is required. She is also often at the forefront of customer service roles, serving at tills and restocking the areas most frequented by our customers.

Sam (Plant Care & Site)

Sam has worked with us at the Nursery at weekends for some time now, whilst studying for an academic future. He contributes to the work in planting bedding and annuals, whilst also increasingly undertaking larger maintenance projects. He is a dab-hand at weeding and clearing, moving from location to location and keeping on top of the ever-growing (excuse the pun) unwanted plant life around the site!

Erin (Plant Care)

Erin is one of the newest additions to the team and focuses on planting annual and bedding varieties, as well as the occasional bedding basket for vibrant colour and style. She continues to learn new skills and gain understanding of the wide selection of plants that we stock, which is no small fete on a Nursery of our size!