Roundup Total 5L Refill Ready to Use


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Roundup Fast Action Ready to Use Weedkiller - Pump ‘n Go provides a Pump ‘n Go feature for up to 3 minutes of continuous spraying. This systemic weedkiller kills the root so weeds don’t come back. Degraded in soil by mico organisms, fast action, results visible in 1-2 days.

[NB: this is a refill pack and requires spraying equipment]

How to use

  1. Cut the white ties to release the hose and wand and connect the hose to the pack.
  2. Lift sprayer off the bottle, push yellow button while pulling lance into spray position.
  3. Pump handle 25-30 times for up to 10 minutes of spray. After pumping, push handle down, turn clockwise to lock carry position.
  4. Adjust spray pattern by turning the nozzle. Aim 50cm from target weed and press the white trigger. Spray to lightly wet the leaves while avoiding run-off.
  5. After use, push the yellow button and retract the wand to its original position before clipping it into the top of the pack for storage.

Where to use

For use on unwanted vegetation in paths, drives, patios, and around the bases of roses, ornamental shrubs and trees.


Avoid contact by spray and spray drift with cultivated plants and desired vegetation. To avoid transfer to lawns and other desired vegetation do not walk into treated areas until the product has dried.

Keep children and pets out of treated areas until the product has dried. Do no re-use empty bottle.

Contains glyphosate.

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.