Tomorite 3L + 20% Ready to Use

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Levington Tomorite Pour & Feed is based on the bestselling Levington® Tomorite® formulation. It comes ready to use and feeds one planter (or 3 tomato plants) for one season.

How to use

Add two capful (2 × 50ml) of Levington Tomorite Pour & Feed to the base of the plant, taking care to avoid foliage. After each feed water in.

Where to use

Recommended for feeding tomatoes and other flowering and fruiting plants growing under glass, out in the garden, in gro-bags or other patio containers.

How often to apply

  • Gro-bags (outdoor): continue to feed every week.
  • In the garden: continue to feed every 7-14 days.

Always read the label and product information before use.