Quick Connector for 3/4" and 1/2" Threaded Taps 2175


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This innovative Hozelock Freestanding Compact hose reel (with 15m hose) is the ideal hose storage system that can hold up to 25m of 12.5mm diameter hose. Freestanding, it can safely store loose hose ensuring the life and quality of your hose while also allowing easy towing around the garden. Made from the highest quality plastics, the 30m Capacity Freestanding Compact Hose Reel will stand the hard wearing challenge of gardening tasks, time after time. It comes with a 2 year warranty and like most Hozelock products, a full range of spares are available to extend the life way beyond this. With a slim-line and open case design, this Hozelock Freestanding Compact hose reel allows for quick and easy storage. Simply coil the hose around the structure. The lightweight frame and manual rewind enables the Hozelock Freestanding Compact hose reel to be effortlessly moved around the garden. Not only is it a fuss free solution to storing hose, it also helps to prevent it from tangling, knotting and causing trip hazards.

1 x Hozelock 25m Freestanding Hose Reel 1 x 15m of multi purpose hose 1 x nozzle 2 x hose connectors 1 x waterstop 1 x 3/4” / 1/2” tap connector.